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Michael Rooker's Profile

Brief about Michael Rooker: By info that we know Michael Rooker was born at 1955-04-06. And also Michael Rooker is American Actor.

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Horror fans need horror, okay? They don't need little worms squirming around going down your throat. To them, that's not horror.

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I don't approach a role by saying I'll be unsavory or unlikable.

Tags: Approach, Role, Saying

I think all the roles I've done have been very passionate people who go to absolute extremes to make their points.

Tags: Done, Extremes, Passionate

When you think of it I haven't really done a lot of horror. It's amazing: I have done some really good ones, but I haven't done a lot of them.

Tags: Amazing, Done, Good

You know how it is, somebody will see your work and like it and remember it, then decide to make it a role in their film.

Tags: Film, Remember, Work

'Cliffhanger' got me in the best shape of my life, working at 10,000 feet up in the mountains. And everybody was great. I lived in Italy for seven months doing that movie. It was a great vacation.

Tags: Best, Great, Life

I got my training here in Chicago at the Goodman School Of Drama, and a lot of my personal work is usually internal work and stuff. Everything else that goes on is icing on the cake - your wardrobe, your makeup, whatever else you have to do.

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I learned how to turn it on and turn it off. You learn that in theater, too, but for film work, I learned from doing 'Henry,' I learned how to leave work at work and go home. There's always spillover. Actors speak of this.

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