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Oxana Chusovitina's Profile

Brief about Oxana Chusovitina: By info that we know Oxana Chusovitina was born at 1975-06-19. And also Oxana Chusovitina is German Athlete.

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I could go to London in 2012. I will only be 37.

Tags: London

I don't know how to thank everyone for all their help.

Tags: Everyone, Help, Thank

I feel about 18, but my mind is much more mature now, so it's a perfect combination.

Tags: Mature, Mind, Perfect

I'll take a look and get a second wind because so many little children are running around at my side.

Tags: Children, Second, Wind

The kids are so much fun. I'm always taking a look over at what they're doing because it reminds me of when I was so small before.

Tags: Fun, Kids, Small

There was no child oncology in Uzbekistan and in Russia you don't have a chance because there are already so many on the waiting lists.

Tags: Chance, Child, Waiting
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