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Pat Toomey's Profile

Brief about Pat Toomey: By info that we know Pat Toomey was born at 1961-11-17. And also Pat Toomey is American Politician.

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I think it's the broadest source of dissatisfaction amongst Republicans, out-of-control spending.

Tags: Amongst, Source, Spending

If you don't get spending under control, eventually you're going to have a big tax increase.

Tags: Big, Control, Tax

You can see how dysfunctional this Congress is.

Tags: Congress

I'm the guy that has written at great length about exactly how we should profoundly reform Social Security. If I were afraid of going after entitlements, I wouldn't have done that, I wouldn't have put Medicaid reform in this budget, I wouldn't have called for the reductions in spending, which people will scream about, but I think are necessary.

Tags: After, Done, Great

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