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Pee Wee Reese's Profile

Brief about Pee Wee Reese: By info that we know Pee Wee Reese was born at 1918-07-23. And also Pee Wee Reese is American Athlete.

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If I had my career to play over, one thing I'd do differently is swing more. Those 1,200 walks I got, nobody remembers them.

Tags: Career, Nobody, Swing

Being Captain of the Dodgers meant representing an organization committed to winning and trying to keep it going. We could have won every year if the breaks had gone right.

Tags: Keep, Trying, Winning

Brooklyn was the most wonderful city a man could play in, and the fans there were the most loyal there were.

Tags: City, Fans, Wonderful

If you rush in and out of the clubhouse, you rush in and out of baseball.

Tags: Baseball, Clubhouse, Rush

I had only played five games in my senior year in high school. I was not large enough. Hell, when I graduated, I was about five foot four and weighed 120 pounds. I didn't go with the Dodgers until spring training of 1940 and I weighed all of 155 pounds soaking wet.

Tags: Enough, School, Spring

I used to tell Jackie (Robinson) sometimes when they were throwing at him, 'Jackie, they aren't throwing at you because you are black. They are throwing at you because they don't like you.

Tags: Black, Him, Sometimes

Why did they do it? Beats the hell out of me. I was just a scared kid from Kentucky, and these guys had been up in the majors for a while. I guess it was because I was just such a helluva nice kid - if you'll accept that.

Tags: Hell, Nice, Why
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