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Penelope Ann Miller's Profile

Brief about Penelope Ann Miller: By info that we know Penelope Ann Miller was born at 1964-01-13. And also Penelope Ann Miller is American Actress.

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I did not get Botox because you wouldn't see any expression in my face. Hopefully it has paid off.

Tags: Expression, Face, Off

I don't want to work all of the time.

Tags: Time, Work

I had a family, I had children, I got married. My ambition changed.

Tags: Ambition, Children, Family

If there's something decent going in television, the mediums now are kind of equal. Television has become much higher quality.

Tags: Become, Quality, Television

Now I'm the go-to-girl for silent films.

Tags: Films, Silent

Now with tabloids and seeing people walking around in sweats pumping gas you're like, 'Okay, they're just like us.'

Tags: Okay, Seeing, Walking

The film business has changed so dramatically from when I started.

Tags: Business, Film, Started

The thing is, you don't want to overact or be full of yourself.

Tags: Full, Yourself

The whole point is to hook people and keep them interested.

Tags: Keep, Point, Whole

There are great characters on television.

Tags: Characters, Great, Television

Harvey Weinstein bought our film, and he's an animal. He's got us out there campaigning and everything because honestly it's a silent black-and-white film.

Tags: Animal, Film, Silent

I look to longevity. I just consider myself an actress and getting good roles. If being a 'superstar' gets me good roles, then that's a positive thing. But my goal isn't just to be a superstar. It's to act for a long time.

Tags: Good, Positive, Time

I'm just looking for a kind of project that will have a decent role and is something that I'll really enjoy doing. There are a lot more opportunities in television.

Tags: Enjoy, Looking, Television

Luckily because I had a family and children, my priorities changed. I mean, I'm very passionate about my work but I have other interests and other things that balance my life.

Tags: Family, Life, Work

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