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Raphael Saadiq's Profile

Brief about Raphael Saadiq: By info that we know Raphael Saadiq was born at 1966-05-14. And also Raphael Saadiq is American Musician.

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Frustrations are going to be there in every profession you're in.

Tags: Profession

Isaac Hayes told me once, 'There's no such thing as old-school. Either you went to school or you didn't.'

Tags: Either, Once, School

Back in the day people made music to go on tour. They didn't make music to make a video.

Tags: Music, Tour, Video

Cats 25 years younger can't run with me.

Tags: Cats, Run, Younger

Every suit I wear is custom-made by a guy named Waraire Boswell in L.A.

Tags: Guy, Suit, Wear

I have musician friends who play too much golf, and they're not as good at music anymore.

Tags: Friends, Good, Music

I honed in on a great time, the Motown era, the '60s and '70s. That type of music has always been a staple in my life.

Tags: Life, Music, Time

I just follow great people. If you want to play like a pro, you learn from the pros.

Tags: Follow, Great, Learn

I liked the name Saadiq and didn't want to be known as an artist as Raphael Wiggins.

Tags: Artist, Known, Name

I'm using more energy than ever.

Tags: Energy, Using

If you really love music, people can tell if you love music. You have to just stick with it.

Tags: Love, Music, Tell

If you want to be like the greats, you learn from the greats.

Tags: Greats, Learn

It's the adrenaline rush you only get from being in front of an audience. It's addictive.

Tags: Adrenaline, Audience, Front

My mission has always been to do something that suits everybody.

Tags: Everybody, Mission, Suits

The way to stay inspired and motivated is by doing what you like, doing what you love.

Tags: Inspired, Love, Stay

When I come to London now it's like being in L.A., because they know me like I'm at home.

Tags: Home, London

When you look at athletes, they have fundamentals.

Tags: Athletes

You can go on 'Saturday Night Live' now and not even play live.

Tags: Night, Saturday

You know all these stadiums that U2 are playing? I've played in them. And I'm building up to it again.

Tags: Again, Building, Playing

Growing up in the Bay Area, I played early on with these quartet groups who set guidelines for me. I remember the guys would all have the same clothes and shoes, like these uniforms. I was in awe.

Tags: Growing, Remember, Shoes

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