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Robert Anton Wilson's Profile

Brief about Robert Anton Wilson: By info that we know Robert Anton Wilson was born at 1932-01-18. And also Robert Anton Wilson is American Writer.

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Only the madman is absolutely sure.

Tags: Absolutely, Madman, Sure

Beyond a certain point, the whole universe becomes a continuous process of initiation.

Tags: Point, Universe, Whole

Cynics regarded everybody as equally corrupt... Idealists regarded everybody as equally corrupt, except themselves.

Tags: Everybody, Except, Themselves

Once something becomes discernible, or understandable, we no longer need to repeat it. We can destroy it.

Tags: Destroy, Longer, Once

We live in our fantasies and endure our realities.

Tags: Endure, Fantasies, Realities

The web of life is a beautiful and meaningless dance. The web of life is a process with a moving goal. The web of life is a perfectly finished work of art right where I am sitting now.

Tags: Art, Life, Work

A true initiation never ends.

Tags: Ends, Initiation, True

Certitude belongs exclusively to those who only own one encyclopedia.

Tags: Belongs, Certitude

Consciousness itself is an infinite regress. This explains coincidences.

Tags: Explains, Infinite, Regress

History, sociology, economics, psychology et al. confirmed Joyce's view of Everyman as victim.

Tags: Economics, History, View

Philadelphia merely seems dull because it's next to exciting Camden, New Jersey.

Tags: Exciting, Next, Seems

Size is not a reality, but a construct of the mind; and space a construct to contain constructs.

Tags: Mind, Reality, Space

The Right's view of government and the Left's view of big business are both correct.

Tags: Big, Business, Government

There are gods, but there is no God; and all gods become devils eventually.

Tags: Become, God, Gods

When the rose and the cross are united the alchemical marriage is complete and the drama ends. Then we wake from history and enter eternity.

Tags: History, Marriage, Rose

Horror is the natural reaction to the last 5,000 years of history.

Tags: History, Last, Natural

I look forward without dogmatic optimism but without dread.

Tags: Dread, Forward, Optimism

I think I got off on the wrong planet. Beam me up Scotty, there's no rational life here.

Tags: Here, Life, Wrong

I'm not an anarchist any longer, because I've concluded that anarchism is an impractical ideal.

Tags: Anarchist, Ideal, Longer

It's only possible to see people when one is able to see the world as others see it.

Tags: Able, Others, Possible
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