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Robert Hass's Profile

Brief about Robert Hass: By info that we know Robert Hass was born at 1941-03-01. And also Robert Hass is American Poet.

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All the new thinking is about loss, In this it resembles all the old thinking.

Tags: Loss, Old, Thinking

I think that the job of poetry, its political job, is to refresh the idea of justice, which is going dead in us all the time.

Tags: Justice, Poetry, Time

Take the time to write. You can do your life's work in half an hour a day.

Tags: Life, Time, Work

The Earth forgives the previous year every year.

Tags: Earth, Forgives, Year

The first book that really knocked me out was the 'Brothers Karamazov.' I read it when I was a senior in high school.

Tags: Book, High, School

When I was in college, I lost my scholarship one year. I had enough money for tuition, but not room and board. So I camped in the hills.

Tags: Enough, Lost, Money

Writing is an incessant process of discovery.

Tags: Discovery, Process, Writing

In California in the early Spring, There are pale yellow mornings, when the mist burns slowly into day, The air stings like Autumn, clarifies like pain - Well, I have dreamed this coast myself.

Tags: Early, Pain, Spring

There are moments when the body is as numinous as words, days that are the good flesh continuing. Such tenderness, those afternoons and evenings, saying blackberry, blackberry, blackberry.

Tags: Good, Saying, Words

When I was in high school in the '50s you were supposed to be an Elvis Presley, a James Dean, a Marlon Brando or a Kingston Trio type in a button-down shirt headed for the fraternities at Stanford or Cal.

Tags: High, School, Supposed