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Robert Mapplethorpe's Profile

Brief about Robert Mapplethorpe: By info that we know Robert Mapplethorpe was born at 1946-11-04. And also Robert Mapplethorpe is American Photographer.

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I see things like they've never been seen before. Art is an accurate statement of the time in which it is made.

Tags: Art, Seen, Time

I wish I could be elegant.

Tags: Elegant, Wish

I would never have done what I'd done if I'd considered my father as somebody I wanted to please.

Tags: Dad, Done, Father

I'm not a photojournalist.

Tags: Bodies, Days

If I have to change my lifestyle, I don't want to live.

Tags: Change, Lifestyle

My father wants me to be like my brother, but I can't be.

Tags: Brother, Dad, Father

My lifestyle is bizarre, but the only thing you need to know is where the darkroom is.

Tags: Bizarre, Darkroom, Lifestyle

My theory about creativity is that the more money one has, the more creative one can be.

Tags: Creative, Creativity, Money

One must ease the public into it - that's an art in itself.

Tags: Art, Ease, Public

Sell the public flowers... things that they can hang on their walls without being uptight.

Tags: Flowers, Public, Sell

The more pictures you see, the better you are as a photographer.

Tags: Pictures

The photographs that are art have to be separated from the rest - then preserved.

Tags: Art, Rest, Separated

This AIDS stuff is pretty scary. I hope I don't get it.

Tags: Hope, Pretty, Stuff

When I have sex with someone I forget who I am. For a minute I even forget I'm human. It's the same thing when I'm behind a camera. I forget I exist.

Tags: Forget, Sex, Someone

If I am at a party, I want to be at the party. Too many photographers use the camera to avoid participating in things. They become professional observers.

Tags: Avoid, Become, Party

I became the toast of London. A lot of people I met came from these really decadent families where the married men were gay and no one thought anything about it.

Tags: Gay, Men, Thought

When I work, and in my art, I hold hands with God.

Tags: Art, God, Work

To make pictures big is to make them more powerful.

Tags: Art, Big, Powerful

You're never going to get anywhere in life if you don't live up to your obligations.

Tags: Anywhere, Life

I don't believe in dogmas and theologies. I just believe in being a good person.

Tags: Dogmas, Good