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Ruth Ann Minner's Profile

Brief about Ruth Ann Minner: By info that we know Ruth Ann Minner was born at 1935-01-17. And also Ruth Ann Minner is American Politician.

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Benjamin Franklin said there were only two things certain in life: death and taxes. But I'd like to add a third certainty: trash. And while some in this room might want to discuss reducing taxes, I want to talk about reducing trash.

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I have said it often and I will say it again: I believe you learn to read when you are young, then read to learn for the rest of your life.

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Increasing recycling in Delaware is an idea whose time has come and, if put off, may not come again.

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Our financial services and insurance cluster is one of Delaware's key economic drivers in the state.

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Our promise to our children should be this: if you do well in school, we will pay for you to obtain a college degree.

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Our world and our state have been transformed, but, in contrast, we as people have not been.

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So I promise you that this State of the State, like a good pizza, will be delivered in 25 minutes or less.

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This independent report clearly indicates that while we may differ among ourselves in government about what to spend money on, we have one of the most reliable and non-political processes for agreeing on how much money there is. We don't play games with the numbers.

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