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Steig Larsson's Profile

Brief about Steig Larsson: By info that we know Steig Larsson was born at 1954-08-15. And also Steig Larsson is Swedish Author.

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I started to write in 2001. I wrote the books for the fun of it. It was an old idea I had had since the nineties.

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In ordinary detective novels you never see the consequences of what happens in a story in the next book. That you do in mine.

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Crime stories are, as you know, one of the most popular forms of entertainment that exist. If you then try to have something to say... that I have, of course.

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I have been threatened occasionally. But that happens to everybody who is writing this kind of things. Threats will come without fail. It might happen to the most 'innocent' texts. If it gets too much we call the police.

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I know what kind of things I myself have been irritated by in detective stories. They are often about one or two persons, but they don't describe anything in the society outside.

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Writing detective stories is about writing light literature, for entertainment. It isn't primarily a question of writing propaganda or classical literature.

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