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Steven Amsterdam's Profile

Brief about Steven Amsterdam: By info that we know Steven Amsterdam was born at 1966-01-31. And also Steven Amsterdam is American Writer.

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A story is built on characters and reasons.

Tags: Characters, Reasons, Story

Being with a small publisher has been huge. They bat for me for everything.

Tags: Bat, Huge, Small

Fiction demands structures and recognizable shapes. Big surprises only draw attention to the writer's hand.

Tags: Attention, Big, Hand

Nursing demands vigilance about people. The sights and smells that a patient offers, their movements and their offhand comments all contribute crucial information to understanding what they need. Training and experience heighten one's ability to see what needs to be seen.

Tags: Experience, Patient, Training

Until I became a nurse, no one had ever asked me to sign a book contract. I had been writing for decades, read thousands of books, and even worked in publishing for 10 years. Who knew that nursing would be my break?

Tags: Book, Until, Writing

You walk into someone's house and they're dying, or they've got a family member who is dying. Your needs are minor; you're there to serve and to advise and to educate. You're not there to provide yourself.

Tags: Family, Someone, Yourself
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