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Suzy Bogguss's Profile

Brief about Suzy Bogguss: By info that we know Suzy Bogguss was born at 1956-12-30. And also Suzy Bogguss is American Musician.

Some Suzy Bogguss's quotes. Goto "Suzy Bogguss's quotation" section for more.

A small venue is so much more intimate and loose. You can actually be more spontaneous, I feel.

Tags: Actually, Intimate, Small

After I found April Barrows, I felt I had found a soul mate. Her stuff is exactly what I was looking for.

Tags: After, Her, Soul

After so many changes, I realized I'd better cling to my own family and to what I've got right here.

Tags: After, Family, Here

But it's just been recently that Nashville has started to feel like home.

Tags: Home, Nashville, Started

Country has been a wonderful outlet for me.

Tags: Country, Outlet, Wonderful

For some reason, the concept of writing with swing chords was intimidating.

Tags: Concept, Reason, Writing

I have been fortunate enough to record several singles and a whole album with Chet Atkins.

Tags: Album, Enough, Whole

I love decorating my home. I'm a gardener too, so that's usually something I have to play catch up with.

Tags: Gardening, Home, Love

I played in the percussion section 4th grade through high school - snare and timpani mostly.

Tags: High, Played, School

I think it's going to take my whole life to sort of get people to know what my perspective is.

Tags: Life, Whole

I think somewhere in the back of my mind I've always wanted to make a whole swing album.

Tags: Mind, Wanted, Whole

I'm a real Suzy Homemaker.

Tags: Home, Homemaker, Real

I'm definitely not ready to move into something else. I'm having so much fun.

Tags: Else, Fun, Move

I've always loved to sing.

Tags: Loved, Sing

I've always seen myself as sort of this funky, eclectic artist.

Tags: Artist, Funky, Seen

I've been playing swing chords for a long time.

Tags: Playing, Swing, Time

It's like Willie Nelson. You're an artist and you have different styles inside of you.

Tags: Artist, Inside, Styles

Meeting Chet was a life changing moment for me.

Tags: Life, Meeting, Moment

My first solo was in church when I was five.

Tags: Church, Five, Solo

My mother was really into big band. It was played in the house all the time.

Tags: Big, Mother, Time

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