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Tamara Tunie's Profile

Brief about Tamara Tunie: By info that we know Tamara Tunie was born at 1959-03-14. And also Tamara Tunie is American Actress.

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I always watch the work I do.

Tags: Watch, Work

Show business is fickle, and though I have been blessed with a healthy career, who knows how long that will last?

Tags: Blessed, Business, Career

I truly believe that when a person makes a concrete decision and takes action towards a goal that they've set, that the universe will step in and provide opportunities.

Tags: Decision, Goal, Universe

When I first got to New York, all I did was musicals. After a few years I had to make a conscious choice to close the door on musicals, because I was getting pigeon-holed as a musical theater performer.

Tags: After, Choice, Door
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