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Thomas E. Donilon's Profile

Brief about Thomas E. Donilon: By info that we know Thomas E. Donilon was born at 1955-05-14. And also Thomas E. Donilon is American Public Servant.

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I don't think anybody has indicated that I did anything but do my job at Fannie Mae.

Tags: Anybody, Job

Iran is isolated on its nuclear program and support for terrorism.

Tags: Nuclear, Support, Terrorism

More terrorists and extremists have been captured or killed in Pakistan than in any place in the world.

Tags: Pakistan, Place, Terrorists

President Obama has been clear about the future that the United States seeks... when it comes to the Asia-Pacific, the United States is 'all in.'

Tags: Future, President, United

The U.S.-China relationship, of course, has elements of both cooperation and competition.

Tags: Both, Elements

I urge North Korea's leaders to reflect on Burma's experience. While the work of reform is ongoing, Burma has already broken out of isolation and opened the door to a far better future for its people.

Tags: Experience, Future, Work

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