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Thomas Leonard's Profile

Brief about Thomas Leonard: By info that we know Thomas Leonard was born at 1955-07-31. And also Thomas Leonard is American Businessman.

Some Thomas Leonard's quotes. Goto "Thomas Leonard's quotation" section for more.

Clarity affords focus.

Tags: Clarity, Focus, Leadership

Integrity reveals beauty.

Tags: Beauty, Integrity, Reveals

A lifestyle is what you pay for; a life is what pays you.

Tags: Life, Lifestyle, Pay

Turmoil stimulates.

Tags: Stimulates, Turmoil

Rise above yourself.

Tags: Above, Rise, Yourself

Balance is overrated.

Tags: Balance, Overrated

Bigness is better.

Tags: Bigness

Don't be drab.

Tags: Drab

Ego is good.

Tags: Ego, Good

Fear is natural. Be with it.

Tags: Fear, Natural

Movement isn't progress.

Tags: Movement, Progress

The sky isn't falling.

Tags: Falling, Sky

The trappings of lifestyle are often that; traps.

Tags: Lifestyle, Often, Trappings

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