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Tomas Transtromer's Profile

Brief about Tomas Transtromer: By info that we know Tomas Transtromer was born at 1931-04-15. And also Tomas Transtromer is Swedish Writer.

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A person shows himself for an instant as in a photograph but clearer and in the background something which is bigger than his shadow.

Tags: Himself, Shadow, Shows

Every abstract picture of the world is as impossible as a blueprint of a storm. Don't be ashamed because you're human: be proud! Inside you, vaults behind vaults open endlessly. You will never be finished, and that's as it should be.

Tags: Human, Impossible, Storm

Sometimes my life opened its eyes in the dark. A feeling as if crowds drew through the streets in blindness and anxiety on the way towards a miracle, while I invisibly remain standing.

Tags: Eyes, Feeling, Life

I am still the place where creation does some work on itself.

Tags: Creation, Place, Work

I walk slowly into myself, through a forest of empty suits of armor.

Tags: Empty, Forest, Walk

The language marches in step with the executioners. Therefore we must get a new language.

Tags: Language, Marches, Step

A ship's engine far away on the water expands the summer-night horizon. Both joy and sorrow swell in the dew's magnifying glass. Without really knowing, we divine; our life has a sister ship, following quietly another route. While the sun blazes behind the islands.

Tags: Joy, Life, Sun

It's always so early in here, before the crossroads, before the irrevocable choices. Thank you for this life! Still I miss the alternatives. The sketches, all of them, want to become real.

Tags: Become, Life, Real

Society's dark hull drifts further and further away. It is this place - the place of our separation, our distinction - that much of his poetry occupies.

Tags: Dark, Poetry, Society
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