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Tony Romo's Profile

Brief about Tony Romo: By info that we know Tony Romo was born at 1980-04-21. And also Tony Romo is American Athlete.

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As a competitor and an athlete, you love that you get to go back and challenge someone, especially the world champs.

Tags: Challenge, Love, Someone

I feel like I'm going to be with the Cowboys the rest of my career, definitely. I love it.

Tags: Career, Love, Rest

I think my best years are ahead of me and that's exciting.

Tags: Best, Exciting

I'm ready to rock and roll.

Tags: Ready, Rock, Roll

If you get a great wife who understands the demands of someone in athletics, I think that's important.

Tags: Great, Someone, Wife

It's easy to say you're more mature because all of a sudden you have a child, but it's a process.

Tags: Child, Easy, Process

The first game of the year is always an in-season adjustment game.

Tags: Adjustment, Game, Year

Well, we can't all be Terry Bradshaw.

Tags: Terry

You're always playing the game to reach the ultimate goal.

Tags: Game, Goal, Playing

I think as a player there's a sense of urgency every single year that this is the year we're going to have success and do the things we're excited about.

Tags: Sense, Single, Success

I think you use the negative things that happen from the year before - and from other years, too - to spur you to do the things you need to do to take the next step.

Tags: Happen, Negative, Year

It's just like high school. If you're a freshman or a sophomore, it's hard to tell the seniors who've been through two, three, playoff games what to do.

Tags: Hard, School, Tell

When you're younger, it's about, 'How can I get better? How can I become the player that I want to be?' As you get older, it's, 'How can this football team improve?' While all along getting better along the way.

Tags: Become, Football, Team

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