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Walter Hill's Profile

Brief about Walter Hill: By info that we know Walter Hill was born at 1942-01-10. And also Walter Hill is American Director.

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Get Miramax to send me down to Australia. I'd like to see it.

Tags: Australia, Send

I always say the next one is my favorite.

Tags: Favorite, Next

I did have an offer to direct one of the Alien movies but I wasn't too excited about all the effects work.

Tags: Excited, Movies, Work

I don't much like looking back.

Tags: Looking

I get a great high from writing.

Tags: Great, High, Writing

I mean no film is beyond criticism, but I think we've made a very modest movie.

Tags: Criticism, Film, Mean

I never do, I don't even go to the retrospectives.

Tags: Confusing, Tend

I think it's fair to say I've always been a boxing fan.

Tags: Boxing, Fair, Fan

I wouldn't not want to be a director and write as I wouldn't not to want to be a writer and direct movies.

Tags: Movies, Write, Writer

I've always wanted to do a boxing movie.

Tags: Boxing, Movie, Wanted

If I could go back I might change Geronimo a bit. If I do, it will be made a longer version.

Tags: Bit, Change, Might

Naturally we need black men to give this movie serious credibility.

Tags: Black, Give, Men

Somebody once said, you have to wait 20 years before you can tell if a movie's any good or not so that's probably true.

Tags: Good, Said, True

Well, I'm about to do another western, a pilot for HBO this fall.

Tags: Another, Fall, Western

You as an audience can look at these things as films, but I remember them as social experiences.

Tags: Audience, Remember, Social

I guess I never had a better experience than working on The Long Riders, and at the same time, I never had a harder time than what I did making Southern Comfort.

Tags: Experience, Time, Working

I'll talk about these things, but it's just, you know, you only get so much time and I'm much more interested in what I'm going to be doing next year than in something I did 10 years ago.

Tags: Talk, Time, Year

It's really about, oh come on, this guy wouldn't say that or he wouldn't do that, you know, it's about the characters, about the story, about the situation.

Tags: Guy, Situation, Story

Some say Hollywood movies that are made about boxing are just metaphors for other things, I think I've made one that's actually about boxing and not a metaphor.

Tags: Actually, Boxing, Movies

Well, we're in show business, and I have been making a living in this business a long time and inevitably it means taking what it is that you've done and hopefully you're showing it to a lot of people who like it.

Tags: Business, Done, Time

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