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In my life outdoors, I've observed that animals of almost any variety will stand in a windy place rather than in a protected, windless area infested with biting insects. They would rather be annoyed by the wind than bitten.

Tags: Life, Place, Rather  ✍ Author: James Cagney

Mankind is like dogs, not gods - as long as you don't get mad they'll bite you - but stay mad and you'll never be bitten. Dogs don't respect humility and sorrow.

Tags: Humility, Mad, Respect  ✍ Author: Jack Kerouac

I deliberately returned slowly to training after Raphael was born and everything, apart from being bitten by a dog whilst out training in Monaco at the beginning of the year, has gone pretty well.

Tags: After, Pretty, Training  ✍ Author: Paula Radcliffe

Maybe I'm wrong because I've not met the person yet, I really don't think I'd want to be with someone in the industry. I really don't think so. Once bitten, twice shy.

Tags: Once, Someone, Wrong  ✍ Author: Peter Andre

New York is my Lourdes, where I go for spiritual refreshment... a place where you're least likely to be bitten by a wild goat.

Tags: Place, Spiritual, Wild  ✍ Author: Brendan Behan

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