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Body Talks Quotes

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I am quite surprised, that with all my work, and some of it is very, very good, that nobody talks about The Miracle Worker. We're talking about Mrs. Robinson. I understand the world... I'm just a little dismayed that people aren't beyond it yet.

Tags: Good, Understand, Work  ✍ Author: Anne Bancroft

Body language is essential for an actress, even if you don't use your body in an athletic way. Just to be free, to use it like your voice. A body can be small and have incredible violence. A body talks.

Tags: Free, Small, Violence  ✍ Author: Anne Parillaud

If there's no relationship with a father who's absent, nobody talks about it.

Tags: Father, Nobody, Talks  ✍ Author: Charles Rangel

I've got a song on every album, two songs as a matter of fact on every album without Auto-Tune, and that's the song that nobody talks about. It's weird.

Tags: Fact, Matter, Song  ✍ Author: T-Pain

Everybody talks about the weather, but nobody does anything about it.

Tags: Everybody, Nobody, Weather  ✍ Author: Charles Dudley Warner

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Body Talks quote #2
Body Talks quote #2
Body Talks quote #2
Body Talks quote #2
Body Talks quote #2

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