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Brittany Snow's Quotes

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Born: 1986-03-09
Profession: Actress
Nation: American
Biography of Brittany Snow

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It's so cliche to say florals for spring. I really like a vintage-like dress that's floral. You can belt it; I like belts. I like wearing pretty dresses that are really comfortable, that you can spend the day in but also feel girly.

Tags: Pretty, Spend, Spring

Sometimes I want to do something that's really funny and other times I read an indie script that is going to be made for nothing but I want to do it because I think that I can connect with something in the story.

Tags: Funny, Sometimes, Times

Well, I had said to my friends, it's going to be good, but I bet it's going to be cheesy in a way. And I didn't think that at all. It's so good and was just so funny.

Tags: Friends, Funny, Good

I'm so single. It's funny. I'm usually a relationship girl. I love being in love and having a partner in crime. But it's good to be your own partner in crime. God, that makes me sound like I have multiple-personality disorder.

Tags: Funny, Good, Love

I understand and get when kids and teenagers feel like they're alone and it's not going to get better. My advice is that there is a support system out there, there are a lot of people who have been through what you're going through and are going through it now.

Tags: Advice, Alone, Understand

Love Is Louder is a movement that is hopefully going to bring some awareness and make some noise when it comes to teens who are feeling suicidal or even just sad, outcasts, and being bullied, and really feel like they have nowhere to turn to.

Tags: Feeling, Love, Sad

I know from my own personal experience. I was bullied in middle school and high school and went through my fair share of hard times thereafter. Also, one of my really good friends committed suicide when I was in high school.

Tags: Experience, Good, School

I mean, I'm pretty good in real life, but sometimes people seem surprised that I'm like a normal teenager and wear black nail polish and I'm just a little bit more edgy than the person I play on television.

Tags: Good, Life, Teen

Have you ever noticed how nice people are at the car wash?! Maybe it's just me, but it makes me happy. Weird, I know!

Tags: Car, Happy, Nice

I got a tattoo saying, 'Freedom From Fear' because of 'Black Water Transit.'

Tags: Fear, Freedom, Saying

I keep 'The Paper Bag Princess' by Robert Munsch on my shelf to remind me that my prince will love me no matter what I wear. Cheesy!

Tags: Keep, Love, Matter

I'm very claustrophobic.

Tags: Matter, Three, Times

I've worn my share of leopard pink boots to premieres or belts the size of cars. I thought my pink leopard boots were so cool.

Tags: Cars, Cool, Thought

It may sound lame, but I've been journaling since I was in third grade. I love it! It makes me feel calm and happy.

Tags: Happy, Love, May

Sometimes the characters I find the most compelling are in independent movies. With independent scripts people can take more challenges.

Tags: Characters, Movies, Sometimes

After 'Prom Night' I did two movies where I was playing a prostitute. I gravitate towards characters that have some sort of inner turmoil or some sort of character arc. That's the great thing about acting, so many different things and being really diverse in your choices.

Tags: Character, Great, Movies

After I play every character, I always walk away and feel a little different. I've experienced something that's not my life, but I've made it my life.

Tags: After, Character, Life

He was so good with the kids on the set. He just knew exactly how to handle them. The baby would cry and Vin would hold him and do all these weird sounds and the baby would stop crying. It was really cute.

Tags: Good, Him, Kids

I didn't really work with Vin on it except we talked about it a little bit. I think it was kind of cool because we didn't think it was going to be that emotional. I don't think Vin knew I was going to be that emotional.

Tags: Cool, Emotional, Work

I grew up doing all that stuff because I was obsessed with the '50s. I had sock hops for birthday parties. So I've always done The Twist and stuff. It was pretty natural and, with my parents doing it all the time, I'd just copy them. Not very pretty.

Tags: Birthday, Parents, Time

I knew that my hair was falling out and I had really weird skin. My face looked really weird and I was getting this fuzz on my face and I was always cold - always to the point of uncontrollably shaking. I was more scared that 85 lbs. wasn't good enough. I wanted to be lower.

Tags: Enough, Good, Wanted

I like Stella McCartney, Chloe, Alexander McQueen, Aaron Featherstone, normal Chanel if I can ever afford it, I'd be wearing that all the time! I like to admire from afar.

Tags: Admire, Normal, Time

I like to mix it up with vintage '70s stuff and I like to wear a lot of guys' clothes. As far as night stuff, I have my stylist direct me in the right way. We have a vintage glamour, age-appropriate, pretty thing going.

Tags: Far, Night, Pretty
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I think people assume I only do light things because of the movies that are like 'Hairspray' and 'John Tucker Must Die.' But I think it's all just based on material that I really like and that speaks to me.

Tags: Die, Light, Movies

I'm excited for people to realize that I'm 25 years old and not a teenager anymore... even though I still look 18 and can't get into a bar to save my life!

Tags: Life, Old, Realize

I've been boxing ever since I was 16. I love surprising people who think a short, blond girl can't fight! Just because I look a certain way doesn't mean I'm weak.

Tags: Fight, Girl, Love

It's just interesting that people don't really know about the roles that I play that are darker. I kind of do a huge blend of really big light things but also really dark indie things, and it just sort of happens to work out that way.

Tags: Dark, Light, Work

The pursuit of happiness is a most ridiculous phrase: if you pursue happiness you'll never find it.

Tags: Happiness, Pursuit, Ridiculous

Technology... is a queer thing. It brings you great gifts with one hand, and it stabs you in the back with the other.

Tags: Great, Hand, Technology

No day is so bad it can't be fixed with a nap.

Tags: Bad, Fixed, Nap

A male gynecologist is like an auto mechanic who has never owned a car.

Tags: Car, Male, Mechanic

Advertising degrades the people it appeals to; it deprives them of their will to choose.

Tags: Appeals, Choose

Civilization is hideously fragile and there's not much between us and the horrors underneath, just about a coat of varnish.

Tags: Between, Coat, Fragile

Science is the refusal to believe on the basis of hope.

Tags: Hope, Refusal, Science

Why get married and make one man miserable when I can stay single and make thousands miserable?

Tags: Married, Single, Why

I believe the world is increasingly in danger of becoming split into groups which cannot communicate with each other, which no longer think of each other as members of the same species.

Tags: Cannot, Danger, Longer

It is only by the rational use of technology; to control and guide what technology is doing; that we can keep any hopes of a social life more desirable than our own: or in fact of a social life which is not appalling to imagine.

Tags: Control, Life, Technology
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