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Sooner or later the Internet will become profitable. It's an old story played before by canals, railroads and automobiles.

Tags: Become, Old, Story  ✍ Author: Paul Samuelson

You probably have to have redundant levee systems with canals in between them, like the Dutch have, to make sure that incoming water is channeled off to areas where you deal with it rather than have it drown you.

Tags: Between, Off, Rather  ✍ Author: Billy Tauzin

Not houses finely roofed or the stones of walls well builded, nay nor canals and dockyards make the city, but men able to use their opportunity.

Tags: Able, Men, Nor  ✍ Author: Madeleine Albright

Amsterdam has more than 150 canals and 1,250 bridges, but it never seems crowded, nor bent and bitter from fleecing the tourist.

Tags: Bitter, Nor, Seems  ✍ Author: Julie Burchill

Amsterdam was a great surprise to me. I had always thought of Venice as the city of canals; it had never entered my mind that I should find similar conditions in a Dutch town.

Tags: Great, Mind, Thought  ✍ Author: James Weldon Johnson

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Canals quote #2
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