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Carbohydrates Quotes

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The dirty little secret is that I grew up in a household where there were no carbohydrates allowed, ever. No cookies, no bread, no potatoes, no rice. My mother was very extreme in terms of what she served. Since I left home more than 40 years ago, I've been making it right for myself.

Tags: Home, Mother, She  ✍ Author: Ina Garten

I eat 230 grams of protein daily, 308 grams of carbohydrates, maybe 70 grams of fat. I can have one cheat meal a week but it can't be that I eat until I'm stuffed; I eat until I'm satisfied.

Tags: Cheat, Daily, Until  ✍ Author: Tyson Gay

I like meat and carbohydrates.

Tags: Meat  ✍ Author: Gabrielle Union

I was gaining weight very rapidly and read about the idea of restricting carbohydrates as an alternative to going hungry. I had a big appetite, so that was the only thing I would even consider.

Tags: Big, Idea, Read  ✍ Author: Robert Atkins

Our demand for meat, dairy and refined carbohydrates - the world consumes one billion cans or bottles of Coke a day - our demand for these things, not our need, our want - drives us to consume way more calories than are good for us.

Tags: Demand, Good, Meat  ✍ Author: H. G. Bissinger

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Carbohydrates quote #2
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