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Carl Spitteler's Quotes

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Born: 1970-01-01
Profession: Poet
Nation: Swiss
Biography of Carl Spitteler

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At my father's request I took up the study of law at the University of Zurich In 1863.

Tags: Father, Law, Study

I left for Petersburg in August, 1871 and stayed there until 1879.

Tags: August, Left, Until

I moved to Lucerne, where I have lived happily with my family ever since.

Tags: Family, Lived, Since

In July, 1892, fate suddenly granted me financial independence.

Tags: Fate, Financial, Granted

I was in Italy in 1992 working on magazine articles when I got a call from the Italian travel commission. They asked, would I mind being an escort for an older woman? I told them I don't do that kind of work, but then they said it was Julia Child, and I said I'd be right there.

Tags: Mind, Travel, Work

The Beatles changed music forever. They took rock n' roll from a medium that was about cars and girls and gave it context, interesting chord changes and true musicianship.

Tags: Music, Rock, True

The Beatles' story is all of our stories. It is about how the youth culture emerged, the drug culture emerged, how politics rose to the fore as a universal debate. It's about rebellion, it's about the growth of the British entertainment system, the growth of the rock n' roll entertainment system.

Tags: Politics, Rock, Youth
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Carl Spitteler's quote #3
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