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Carmen Kass's Quotes

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Born: 1978-09-14
Profession: Model
Nation: Estonian
Biography of Carmen Kass

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I don't think just being skinny means necessarily anorexic.

Tags: Anorexic, Means, Skinny

I get paid to work; I don't pay to work.

Tags: Paid, Pay, Work

I have a figure, and there aren't many girls out there right now who have that.

Tags: Figure

I hope one day when I say I'm from Estonia, people don't say: 'What? Where's that?'

Tags: Estonia, Hope

Places like New York are just too intense, too much about money, too much about ambition; it's all too superficial for me.

Tags: Ambition, Money, York

We feel free. We're independent. People can be openly proud of being Estonian. I have a lot of belief in Estonia.

Tags: Belief, Free, Proud

I don't think Estonians ever really hated Russians. It was more, 'Leave us alone.' We can't change what is past. We can't blame them for what their parents have done. We never hated them. They didn't destroy us that bad.

Tags: Alone, Bad, Change

It's not really like you have a thing like a supermodel anymore. It's more of a word than a real existence. I think, also, looking at it from a designer's point of view, at one point maybe they felt the stars took too much attention away from the clothes.

Tags: Away, Real, Stars

You know what I always dreamed of? That with the greenhouse effect, one day Estonia can be what L.A. is right now. I always thought when the end of the world comes, I want to be in Estonia. I think then I'd survive.

Tags: End, Survive, Thought

A lot of Broadway has that immigrant narrative of America as a place where you can become something else against all odds.

Tags: America, Become, Place

Appropriation was the language of my generation in many ways. It came out of Duchamp, Warhol, Johns, Lichtenstein.

Tags: Generation, Language, Ways

I have that memory of dancing on my father's feet to all the music my parents used to listen to.

Tags: Father, Music, Parents

My work since the late '80s specifically questioned what was presented as the 'natural' order of things in the history of post-war-N.Y. painting.

Tags: History, Since, Work

Coming out as a Barbra Streisand fan was way more embarrassing than coming out as a lesbian. To be an artist of my generation willing to be unhip - artists were supposed to be like cowboys.

Tags: Artist, Generation, Lesbian

I am not alone in thinking that we are at a tipping point ecologically and morally and politically. Democracy cannot survive without a vibrant middle class, yet the policies of one of the parties has been committed to wiping it out for 30 years.

Tags: Alone, Democracy, Thinking

Social issues have been used to distract Americans from their own self interests since Nixon's southern strategy, and now people are paying the price.

Tags: Self, Social, Used
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