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Cat Stevens Quotes

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Anyway, Cat Stevens is never going to make much money out of us.

Tags: Anyway, Cat, Money  ✍ Author: Wayne Coyne

Even in the beginning, when we knew there was a legal argument about how much our song sounds like his song, as one songwriter to another, I wasn't sure that Cat Stevens would take that as bad.

Tags: Another, Bad, Legal  ✍ Author: Wayne Coyne

In reference to Cat Stevens, it is very, very important we have accurate information on our terrorist watch list and our no fly list and that you have a remedy.

Tags: Fly, List, Watch  ✍ Author: Asa Hutchinson

My dad has totally taken my Cat Stevens T-shirt, but it's OK; I have his Black Flag one, and that's amazing.

Tags: Amazing, Black, Dad  ✍ Author: Zoe Kravitz

I listened to the radio, so I was influenced by everyone from Michael Jackson to Milli Vanilli. But thankfully my dad had a collection of Cat Stevens albums while my mom was listening to jazz.

Tags: Dad, Everyone, Mom  ✍ Author: Jason Mraz

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Cat Stevens quote #2
Cat Stevens quote #2
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