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Chrissie Hynde's Quotes

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Born: 1951-09-07
Profession: Musician
Nation: American
Biography of Chrissie Hynde

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In my experience lust only ever leads to misery. All that suspicion and jealousy and anguish it unleashes. I don't want those things in my life.

Tags: Experience, Jealousy, Life

Remember those black-and-white films with Frank Sinatra? Those guys looked like men and they were only 27! Listen to Otis Redding singing 'Try A Little Tenderness'. That was a man who understood what a man has to know in the world. Show me a real man now! Where are they?

Tags: Men, Real, Remember

I don't think it's good to be sentimental, so I try not to be.

Tags: Good, Try

I have no sense of patriotism, but I do have a sense of community.

Tags: Community, Patriotism, Sense

The so-called feminist writers were disgusted with me. I did my thing, and so I guess by feminist standards I'm a feminist. That suits me fine.

Tags: Feminist, Fine, Writers

Look, as long as we can make records and sell enough so we can do some shows, that's all I want. You know what? I just want to play guitar and be in a band. Same as I always did.

Tags: Band, Enough, Guitar

A ballad once in a while doesn't go amiss.

Tags: Amiss, Once, While

I don't know any guitar player, any of the real greats, who don't rate Joni Mitchell up there with the best of them.

Tags: Best, Guitar, Real

I'm not a figurehead for anything. I was a single mom with two kids. What else was I going to do? It was either be in a band or be a waitress.

Tags: Else, Mom, Single

Yeah, the industry has always been both the enemy and the best friend of the artist. They need each other. That's the bottom line.

Tags: Best, Enemy, Friend

All these fifty-year-old guys wearing baseball caps and shorts and acting like children. It winds me up. Men don't have to take responsibility anymore. Most of the guys I know would punch me on the nose for saying this, but maybe we do have to bring back conscription.

Tags: Children, Men, Saying

I've done lots of songs for film soundtracks and things like that - stuff I'm not ashamed of, but that doesn't represent my legacy with the Pretenders.

Tags: Done, Film, Stuff

When I hear myself singing, I hear Iggy Pop and Jimi Hendrix. There's a conversational thing going on. I suppose it depends on which The Pretenders song you're listening to.

Tags: Hear, Singing, Song
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