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Christine Lagarde's Quotes

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Born: 1956-01-01
Profession: Politician
Nation: French
Biography of Christine Lagarde

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When my father passed away and then when later on I gave birth, those are sort of ground-breaking experiences that put everything else into perspective.

Tags: Away, Father, Put

You know, when I sit in meetings and things are very tense and people take things extremely seriously and they invest a lot of their ego, I sometimes think to myself, 'Come on, you know, there's life and there's death and there is love.' And all of that ego business is nonsense compared to that.

Tags: Business, Life, Love

I love cooking. Not for myself alone. Cooking is about giving.

Tags: Alone, Giving, Love

I was praised in the U.S. and heavily, brutally criticized in France.

Tags: Brutally, Criticized, France

The financial industry is a service industry. It should serve others before it serves itself.

Tags: Financial, Others, Service

As far as Athens is concerned, I also think about all those people who are trying to escape tax all the time. All these people in Greece who are trying to escape tax.

Tags: Far, Time, Trying

I think more of the little kids from a school in a little village in Niger who get teaching two hours a day, sharing one chair for three of them, and who are very keen to get an education. I have them in my mind all the time. Because I think they need even more help than the people in Athens.

Tags: Education, School, Time

I'm very much a believer that it's action that matters much more so than, you know, the flurry of political promises and statements and slogans that are used during political campaigns.

Tags: Action, Political, Used

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