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The sensors have many potential practical uses - in Government buildings, train carriages, cargo containers, on a soldier's lapel - and are a thousand times cheaper than current sensors that are used for the same purpose.

Tags: Government, Purpose, Soldier  ✍ Author: Anne Campbell

Some makeup companies have really good recycling policies, and it's worth finding out whether your favourites are among them. With MAC, for instance, you can take any of your old makeup containers into its shops, and the sweetest deal is that, once you've racked up six containers, you get a free lipstick or lip gloss.

Tags: Free, Good, Old  ✍ Author: Beth Ditto

Although Customs and Border Protection analyzes cargo and other information to target specific shipments for closer inspection, it still physically inspects only a small fraction of the containers under its purview.

Tags: Closer, Protection, Small  ✍ Author: Mike Fitzpatrick

Today, barely 5 percent of all containers coming into the United States through our ports are scanned.

Tags: Coming, Today, United  ✍ Author: Alcee Hastings

You can see these boxes which are covered with metal foils for thermal reasons, and they are also, most of the time, thermally controlled inside to keep reasonable temperature inside each of these containers.

Tags: Keep, Metal, Time  ✍ Author: Claude Nicollier

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