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Contaminated Quotes

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Our three big emergencies are fire, loss of pressurization or contaminated atmosphere. Any of those things in a spaceship are very deadly and time critical. Everybody's trained, but I'm the commander of the ship, and it's up to me to decide.

Tags: Big, Fire, Time  ✍ Author: Chris Hadfield

I'm still a member of the Empire! Although I sometimes feel like an American with a British accent - you get contaminated after so long.

Tags: After, American, Sometimes  ✍ Author: Gary Oldman

I wouldn't want to be remembered as the guy who contaminated a perfectly legitimate form of protest art with money and celebrities.

Tags: Art, Guy, Money  ✍ Author: Winston Churchill

Contaminated food is a major cause of diarrhea, substantially contributing to malnutrition and killing about 2.2 million people each year, most of them children.

Tags: Children, Food, Year  ✍ Author: Gro Harlem Brundtland

We know that in 2001 it was believed 78 stem cell lines existed. But now we know there are only 22 that are viable, and they have been contaminated with mouse stem cells.

Tags: Lines, Mouse, Stem  ✍ Author: Russ Carnahan

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