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I think that creative work, music in particular, is a conveyor of inner emotional life. I don't feel one way all the time, so I don't want my music to feel the same way all the time.

Tags: Life, Music, Work  ✍ Author: Kyp Malone

Prices are important not because money is considered paramount but because prices are a fast and effective conveyor of information through a vast society in which fragmented knowledge must be coordinated.

Tags: Knowledge, Money, Society  ✍ Author: Thomas Sowell

There's an expectation these days that novels - like any other consumer product - should be made on a production line, with one dropping from the conveyor belt every couple of years.

Tags: Couple, Days, Line  ✍ Author: Donna Tartt

These days, I like to think of sentences as workers. Only one of their jobs is to look and sound good. Sentences are the carriers of plot. They're the conjurers of images, the conveyors of tone and meaning and voice. The best sentences surprise us.

Tags: Best, Days, Good  ✍ Author: John E. Walker

It's totally produced now. It's almost like a conveyor belt of what metal's supposed to be like these days. It's not music to me.

Tags: Almost, Days, Music  ✍ Author: Geezer Butler

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