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To be compared to Will Smith is probably one of the coolest things because that's who I came up admiring.

Tags: Admiring, Compared  ✍ Author: Nick Cannon

Being uncool is being pretty much the coolest you can be.

Tags: Pretty  ✍ Author: Rufus Wainwright

Used properly, cinema is the coolest thing in the world.

Tags: Cinema, Used  ✍ Author: Jacques Audiard

I have such a crush on Shirley Manson. I think she's the coolest thing.

Tags: Crush, She  ✍ Author: Garret Dillahunt

Flying is like the ultimate superpower; it's just, like, the coolest thing.

Tags: Flying, Ultimate  ✍ Author: Logan Henderson

I've been in a couple of weddings where the coolest people that were the most day before so mellow and then the day of the wedding freaking out.

Tags: Couple, Wedding  ✍ Author: Matthew McConaughey

Firemen have the coolest toys ever!

Tags: Firemen, Toys  ✍ Author: Adam Savage

If I had my own Neverland it would probably be the coolest place in the world. You could do anything you want there. There would be trees everywhere.

Tags: Place, Trees  ✍ Author: Jeremy Sumpter

I want to be a vampire. They're the coolest monsters.

Tags: Monsters, Vampire  ✍ Author: Gerard Way

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