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Craig Robinson's Quotes

Craig Robinson profile photo

Born: 1971-10-25
Profession: Actor
Nation: American
Biography of Craig Robinson

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As a comic and as an actor, I think you've got to be partially crazy.

Tags: Actor, Comic, Crazy

Comedy chose me.

Tags: Chose, Comedy

Coming up with comedy is hard, man. Those bits aren't easy to think of!

Tags: Comedy, Easy, Hard

Ever since I can remember, I've always been silly.

Tags: Remember, Silly, Since

I got mad love for hot tubs.

Tags: Hot, Love, Mad

I grew up in church, so every time I say certain words, I'm like, 'I'm going to get in trouble.'

Tags: Time, Trouble, Words

I grew up on the South Side of Chicago, north Beverly. It was cool, everybody's cool on the block.

Tags: Cool, Everybody, Side

I hear a lot of girls say, 'I can be myself around you,' and I'm always thinking, 'Who are you when you're with somebody else?'

Tags: Else, Somebody, Thinking

I think Carrot Top is hilarious.

Tags: Carrot, Hilarious, Top

I'm a performer.

Tags: Performer

I'm a Scorpio. I have different mood swings.

Tags: Mood, Swings

It's always nice to do a family movie, because I do a lot of R-rated stuff.

Tags: Family, Movie, Nice

My whole life, people have been like, 'I don't know if you're playing or serious.'

Tags: Life, Serious, Whole

People do ask me for advice for some reason. And I'll just kind of pose it back to them and let them answer on their own. I never like to give my advice 'cause I don't want them to come back and 'You were wrong! You ruined my life!' so it's more about 'Hey, this is what you just told me. What does that sound like to you?'

Tags: Advice, Give, Life

When I start thinking about a role, I read the script a few times and then let it sink in - and then take some time to develop how that character is going to play out and what he's going to do.

Tags: Character, Thinking, Time

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