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Criminals Quotes

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These are international criminals, and the spineless Democrats are doing nothing about it.

Tags: Democrats  ✍ Author: Lawrence Ferlinghetti

They're criminals, they brutalized Afghanistan, they killed our people, they destroyed our land.

Tags: Destroyed, Land  ✍ Author: Vincent Kartheiser

The possibility of bringing white-collar criminals to justice is ever receding over the horizon.

Tags: Horizon, Justice  ✍ Author: Sara Paretsky

Let the Lord judge the criminals.

Tags: Judge, Lord  ✍ Author: Tupac Shakur

Murder is not the crime of criminals, but that of law-abiding citizens.

Tags: Citizens, Crime  ✍ Author: George Tenet

Liberals are stalwart defenders of civil liberties - provided we're only talking about criminals.

Tags: Civil, Talking  ✍ Author: Ann Coulter

I don't know anybody in the underworld. I make this stuff up. I don't know any criminals.

Tags: Anybody, Stuff  ✍ Author: James Ellroy

One of the tests of the civilization of people is the treatment of its criminals.

Tags: Tests, Treatment  ✍ Author: Rutherford B. Hayes

War should be made a crime, and those who instigate it should be punished as criminals.

Tags: Crime, War  ✍ Author: Charles Evans Hughes

In America there is a channel called TruTV which is just reruns of 'Cops' and 'World's Dumbest Criminals'. I could watch that the entire day.

Tags: America, Watch  ✍ Author: Robert Pattinson

Criminals usually prey on weakness. They can smell it.

Tags: Smell, Weakness  ✍ Author: Steven Seagal

Well, I'm used to rubbing shoulders with crooks and criminals.

Tags: Shoulders, Used  ✍ Author: Jason Statham

Discovering witnesses is just as important as catching criminals.

Tags: Catching, Witnesses  ✍ Author: Simon Wiesenthal

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