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Dana Delany's Quotes

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Born: 1956-03-13
Profession: Actress
Nation: American
Biography of Dana Delany

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I think I would make a good spy. I can sort of be a chameleon. People don't notice me very easily. I never get recognized.

Tags: Good, Notice, Recognized

I have faith in my imperfections!

Tags: Faith

I've reached a place with my work where I'm ready to concentrate more on life.

Tags: Life, Place, Work

If you put Willem Dafoe, Liam Neeson and James Woods in a room together, there wouldn't be room for anyone else.

Tags: Else, Put, Together

Television is more of a business. You can't take as many risks, because there's so many channels now, and the advertising's dropping.

Tags: Business, Risks, Television

We all know that television is better for women as they get into their 40s. You could be more three-dimensional, not just the wife or the mother.

Tags: Mother, Wife, Women

I like people who are still actively creating in their life, who aren't set, I don't feel like I'm set. And I don't have any baggage, for better or worse. I don't have any plants or pets or kids. I can lock the door and go. I need to be with somebody for whom that's okay.

Tags: Door, Kids, Life

I love being on stage or in front of the camera. My work brings me a lot of joy. It helps me figure out who I am. I'm really lucky that I get to make a living at acting.

Tags: Joy, Love, Work

I'm the worst rider. I'm a terrible rider. Me and horses are not a good mix. For some reason, people are always trying to get me on a horse in a movie.

Tags: Good, Reason, Trying

I've been dating younger men since my 20s, When I was 29, I dated someone 21... younger men are just more fun. I like their energy. I've always been kind of young for my age.

Tags: Age, Dating, Men

In Europe the parents are included as with children. All three generations are together. I'm thinking of Italy. You go out on a Sunday afternoon and the whole family is there.

Tags: Children, Family, Sunday
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