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David K. Shipler's Quotes

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Born: 1942-12-03
Profession: Author
Nation: American
Biography of David K. Shipler

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Caricatures created by politics never fit comfortably into the Oval Office.

Tags: Fit, Office, Politics

Obama behaves like a centrist who leans tentatively left on certain social programs but boldly right on military force and civil liberties.

Tags: Left, Military, Social

Obama has already rejected the bright sunlight of public knowledge, which is democracy's great disinfectant and cure.

Tags: Democracy, Great, Knowledge

Officers are taught to use all the tricks and lies that courts permit within the scope of the Fifth Amendment's shield against self-incrimination.

Tags: Against, Lies, Within

Affairs of state tend to drive most presidents toward the center on both foreign and domestic policy, no matter where on the political spectrum they begin, and especially so in the areas of intelligence and law enforcement.

Tags: Law, Matter, Political

Eisenhower was less deferential to the military than he seemed likely to be, Kennedy was not at all beholden to the pope, George W. Bush was smarter than portrayed and Barack Obama has not led a charge from the left - least of all on behalf of the civil liberties that have eroded since September 11, 2001.

Tags: Less, Military, Since

If you have never been tortured, or locked up and verbally threatened, you may find it hard to believe that anyone would confess to something he had not done. Intuition holds that the innocent do not make false confessions.

Tags: Done, Hard, May

If you stand with the Customs and Border Protection officers who staff the passport booths at Dulles airport near the nation's capital, their task seems daunting.

Tags: Nation, Seems, Stand

Jerusalem is a festival and a lamentation. Its song is a sigh across the ages, a delicate, robust, mournful psalm at the great junction of spiritual cultures.

Tags: Great, Song, Spiritual

Obama prefers to look forward, not back, as he has stated. So at least during his tenure, there will be no reliable record compiled as a cautionary tale for lawmakers and presidents in future times of crisis. This is the historical Obama.

Tags: Crisis, Forward, Future

There's something about Barack Obama that induces Americans to imagine what they cannot see. The Right envisions a vile socialist, while many on the Left picture an inspired liberal, politically restrained in his first term but now free to pursue his true beliefs.

Tags: Cannot, Free, True

Watching foreign affairs is sometimes like watching a magician; the eye is drawn to the hand performing the dramatic flourishes, leaving the other hand - the one doing the important job - unnoticed.

Tags: Job, Leaving, Sometimes
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