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Debussy Quotes

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For Debussy the musician and the man I have had profound admiration, but by nature I'm different from him. I think I have always personally followed a direction opposed to that of the symbolism of Debussy.

Tags: Direction, Him, Nature  ✍ Author: Maurice Ravel

Although I am basically self taught, I consider Debussy my teacher - the most important elements are colour, light and shadow.

Tags: Music, Self, Teacher  ✍ Author: Toru Takemitsu

Do you think Duke Ellington didn't listen to Debussy? Louis Armstrong loved opera, did you know that? Name me a jazz pianist who wasn't influenced by European music!

Tags: Listen, Loved, Music  ✍ Author: Dave Brubeck

We all shared an admiration of Debussy both as a musician and as sort of an icon for the 20th century. It seemed like an interesting idea to go right back 100 years to find the source of some new ideas now.

Tags: Both, Idea, Ideas  ✍ Author: Anne Dudley

What I've learned is that it's okay to take from heroes, such as Debussy, but it has to be filtered through my own personality so that ultimately it's me.

Tags: Heroes, Learned, Okay  ✍ Author: Jonathan Kozol

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