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Dee Wallace's Quotes

Dee Wallace profile photo

Born: 1948-12-14
Profession: Actress
Nation: American
Biography of Dee Wallace

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A really good horror film has a story.

Tags: Film, Good, Story

'E.T.' was a healing movie; it was a heart movie. It was all about getting about getting home and love.

Tags: Heart, Home, Love

I believe I was actually the first single mother in a major film.

Tags: Film, Mother, Single

I have an Internet radio show where people can call in for healing.

Tags: Call, Healing, Show

I knew I wanted to be an actress as soon as I popped out.

Tags: Knew, Soon, Wanted

I love drama. I love to play an arc.

Tags: Arc, Drama, Love

I was lucky enough to have a plethora of types of roles before and during the horror movie part of my career.

Tags: Career, Enough, Lucky

I would be very, very bored doing light little comedies for my entire career.

Tags: Bored, Career, Light

If you take every challenge everyone has in their life and multiply it in severity you get what it's like in the life of an actor.

Tags: Challenge, Everyone, Life

Taking control of your own creation, you can ultimately affect your future.

Tags: Control, Future, Taking

The essence of my work, and of me, is the softer side of a strong woman, and that goes into a number of different roles.

Tags: Strong, Woman, Work

The public makes a hit.

Tags: Hit, Makes, Public

I am a clairaudient healer. My specialty is being able to discern the blocks within a person's energy that are prohibiting them from being free, happy, and powerful.

Tags: Free, Happy, Powerful

I think a lot of kids get scared by 'E.T.' Sometimes when I do the science-fiction conventions, I'll have a 35-year-old guy with tatts and piercings all over, and he comes up and says, 'You know, it scared me so much I still can't watch it.'

Tags: Guy, Kids, Sometimes

I would never butt heads with Rob Zombie. I don't know anybody that's in acting that ever butted heads with Rob Zombie. I adore Rob. I adore him. I adore working with him. I adore knowing him. I'm happy to consider myself a friend and someone who he hires. I just think he's great.

Tags: Great, Happy, Someone
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