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Dennis Basso's Quotes

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Born: 1954-02-25
Profession: Designer
Nation: American
Biography of Dennis Basso

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I am not quite Martha Stewart, but I do like cooking and gardening.

Tags: Cooking, Gardening, Quite

I love dressing Nicole Kidman... And I like dressing regular people. You know why? They buy the clothes!

Tags: Clothes, Love, Why

I love sports - if I'm not acting, I'm probably doing sports.

Tags: Acting, Love, Sports

I'm an artist. So if acting doesn't work out, which I hope it does, I'm probably going to go into graphic design or something like that.

Tags: Design, Hope, Work
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Dennis Basso's quote #2
Dennis Basso's quote #2
Dennis Basso's quote #2
Dennis Basso's quote #2
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