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Dick Schaap's Quotes

Dick Schaap profile photo

Born: 1934-09-27
Profession: Journalist
Nation: American
Biography of Dick Schaap

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I was also in love with the English language.

Tags: English, Language, Love

All of journalism is a shrinking art. So much of it is hype. The O.J. Simpson story is a landmark in the decline of journalism.

Tags: Art, Journalism, Story

Also, I am driven by a wonderful muse called alimony.

Tags: Driven, Muse, Wonderful

Cliches and adjectives permeated my prose.

Tags: Adjectives, Cliches, Prose

I began learning the sportswriting business very early in life.

Tags: Business, Learning, Life

I got to know Sugar Ray but I certainly would not say we were good friends.

Tags: Friends, Good, Sugar

I just can't believe all the things I did that decade.

Tags: Decade

I wanted to be a sportswriter because I loved sports and I could not hit the curve ball, the jump shot, or the opposing ball carrier.

Tags: Loved, Sports, Wanted

I worked with Rocky Graziano and Rocky was certainly a character.

Tags: Character, Rocky, Worked

If I got paid, it was no more than five dollars a column, and I still think I was overpaid.

Tags: Dollars, Five, Paid

In fifty years of covering the sport, of course Muhammad Ali is by far the dominant figure.

Tags: Far, Fifty, Figure

My top three were Jim Brown, Wilt Chamberlain and Bo Jackson.

Tags: Brown, Three, Top

My writing improved the more I wrote - and the more I read good writing, from Shakespeare on down.

Tags: Good, Read, Writing

Sportswriters have changed more than sportswriting.

Tags: Changed

Sugar Ray Leonard was as close as anyone came after Ali to being Ali, but he wasn't Ali.

Tags: After, Anyone, Close

I came up with new leads for game stories by being observant and clever, by using the many gifts of the English language to intrigue and hook a reader.

Tags: English, Game, Language

I did not choose necessarily on the basis of significance. If you have a vote for the most significant athlete, then you have Ali, then you have Babe Ruth, then you have Michael Jordan.

Tags: Athlete, Choose, Vote

I think my mistakes were kind of common - leaning on cliches and adjectives in the place of clear, vivid writing. But at least I knew how to spell, which seems to be a rarity these days.

Tags: Mistakes, Place, Writing

I think on balance, Don King has been bad for boxing. I think he's done some very good things and I think he did a heck of a job of promoting Ali but I think I could have promoted Ali.

Tags: Bad, Good, Job

It's kind of ironic that the two sports with the greatest characters, boxing and horse racing, have both been on the decline. In both cases it's for the lack of a suitable hero.

Tags: Greatest, Hero, Sports

Some people who love boxing might love Mike Tyson, but people outside of the sport are generally repulsed by him and therefore, repulsed by the sport.

Tags: Boxing, Him, Love

Sugar Ray and talked about doing some articles together or writing a book together but dealing with Sugar Ray was a lot like fighting him. He would fake you in and then he'd drop you.

Tags: Book, Fake, Writing

Sugar Ray Robinson was at the top of the boxing world during the 1950's when it seemed that he would either win or lose the championship about every three or four months.

Tags: Boxing, Lose, Win
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Today, it's money. There's no question about that. Unless you endorse a grill that cooks hamburgers and steaks, where else can you make the kind of money that you can make in the ring if you're good?

Tags: Good, Money, Today
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