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The fact that the Arctic, more than any other populated region of the world, requires the collaboration of so many disciplines and points of view to be understood at all, is a benefit rather than a burden.

Tags: Fact, Rather, View  ✍ Author: Brandon T. Jackson

To turn really interesting ideas and fledgling technologies into a company that can continue to innovate for years, it requires a lot of disciplines.

Tags: Company, Ideas, Turn  ✍ Author: Steve Jobs

I believe there are so many other disciplines and themes that we still haven't explored yet. It's infinite what we can apply our creativity to.

Tags: Creativity, Infinite, Themes  ✍ Author: Guy Laliberte

When thinking through who to bring together to generate new ideas, it is more effective to combine specialists from very different and unrelated disciplines rather than a variety of people with different skills sets in the same field.

Tags: Rather, Thinking, Together  ✍ Author: Daniel Mainwaring

It makes sense that whatever the topic is, it's more compelling if you can provide the audience with a range of perspectives, and you can cross disciplines. And you don't have to control what people take out of it.

Tags: Control, Sense, Whatever  ✍ Author: Bernice Johnson Reagon

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Disciplines quote #2
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