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Dwyane Wade's Quotes

Dwyane Wade profile photo

Born: 1982-01-17
Profession: Athlete
Nation: American
Biography of Dwyane Wade

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The biggest thing, and what I told some of the partners in the summit, was me thanking them for their constant support with everything that I've been through the last couple years on and off the court.

Tags: Last, Off, Support

Fatherhood is the best thing that could happen to me, and I'm just glad I can share my voice.

Tags: Best, Happen, Voice

Guys who might not be superstars but because of their hustle, because of the little things they do, these are the guys who can really mean the difference between winning and losing.

Tags: Between, Mean, Winning

Whenever there is a big game and people don't think I can do it, I always play my hardest, and now it has become a part of me.

Tags: Become, Big, Game

The biggest thing is to let your voice be heard, let your story be heard.

Tags: Heard, Story, Voice

I wanted to be a football player. Football is a sport that I love, but the more I started playing basketball, the more I started dreaming of playing in the NBA.

Tags: Basketball, Football, Love

It's about taking advantage of the opportunities you have right now, and right now we're in a position where you call somebody and they're willing to pick up and take the call because they're a fan, you have to take advantage of that and have a chance to capitalize on your ideas.

Tags: Chance, Ideas, Somebody

The biggest surprise has been making the adjustment after losing a game. In the NBA you could lose tonight and you have to put that game behind you because you have another game the next night.

Tags: After, Game, Night

I've played for the Miami Heat my whole career under Pat Riley. Mr. GQ himself. So when I pick out my outfits before a game, I'm already feeling confident. And some of that swagger stays with me when I take the court.

Tags: Career, Feeling, Game

I've been blessed to be one of those guys who's looked at as a fashion-forward type of guy.

Tags: Blessed, Guy, Guys

Players are ready to play, We're not on strike. It's a lockout.

Tags: Players, Ready, Strike

The biggest thing is to make sure that when something comes out about you that is false that you prove it's not true.

Tags: False, Sure, True

When I first got into the league, I tried to fit in. Now I don't care.

Tags: Care, Fit, Tried

You know, 10 years ago I never thought I'd be in this position. It's a dream and I don't even know if I dreamed this big.

Tags: Big, Dream, Thought

I am very happy to be here in the NBA.

Tags: Happy, Here, Nba

I'm happy that I can focus on my body a little bit. I'm not happy to get surgery, but I'm happy that I can focus on getting better.

Tags: Focus, Getting, Happy

I'm scared of needles.

Tags: Needles, Scared

Over my career, I've had to adjust my game.

Tags: Adjust, Career, Game

Yeah, at first people were talking about me. But now everyone is wearing their clothes more fitted.

Tags: Clothes, Everyone, Talking

Yeah, I play a lot of point guard. LeBron plays a lot of point guard. A lot of people are thinking too much on positions.

Tags: Point, Thinking, Yeah

I'm on a team with LeBron James and Chris Bosh, and they both dress well. It gets competitive. If I don't bring my A game, they're going to outshine me.

Tags: Both, Game, Team

You play a certain way for so long, and change is good. So I look forward to change, and I look forward to playing with the proper talent that we were able to put together.

Tags: Change, Forward, Good

Before even Court Grip, I just wanted to be a part of a brand that I felt that listened to the athlete and really catered to the athlete, and gave us what we were looking for.

Tags: Felt, Looking, Wanted

I've decided to listen to my doctors and get the procedure I need on my knee. USA Basketball said I had to do what was best for me. They want me to be obviously as healthy as possible so I can continue to play this game at a high level.

Tags: Basketball, Best, Game

It's always a dream to be on the cover, it's one of the things an athlete always aspires to do, to be on the cover of a videogame, but I never thought I would get to do it this quick.

Tags: Athlete, Dream, Thought

People don't need to necessarily see me in the jersey to understand who I am and what message I'm trying to get across with the things that I'm marketing.

Tags: Marketing, Trying, Understand
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