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Earl Campbell's Quotes

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Born: 1955-03-29
Profession: Athlete
Nation: American
Biography of Earl Campbell

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After watching films of Jim Brown, I noticed that he never ran out of bounds. He always ran North and South and that's what I turned my style into. I was a North and South runner.

Tags: After, Films, Style

Coming up as a kid, I played middle linebacker and I was very bow-legged, and I wanted to be like the legendary Dick Butkus.

Tags: Coming, Kid, Wanted

Everything in life has a price on it - there ain't a damn thing free in America, and football has got a price on it.

Tags: America, Football, Life

I always knew that I wanted to do something in business and I prepared myself for that.

Tags: Business, Knew, Wanted

I did some good things as a rookie.

Tags: Good, Rookie

I had two things I could do: I could run over you, and I could put a good stiff arm on you. That was about it.

Tags: Good, Put, Run

I have a company called Earl Campbell Foods. I got into the meat business in 1991.

Tags: Business, Company, Meat

I miss the guys. I don't get to see them often. We do get together in Houston now and then.

Tags: Miss, Often, Together

I try to get them to remember that they're not just athletes, but student-athletes.

Tags: Athletes, Remember, Try

It really started cooking when I moved to Houston. I bought a house and got my own barbeque pit.

Tags: Cooking, House, Started

My running style was kind of just head-on, because I couldn't dance.

Tags: Dance, Running, Style

Our company sells about five to six million pounds of sausage a year. We sell it retail and to restaurants. We've got all kinds of products.

Tags: Company, Five, Year

Somebody will always break your records. It is how you live that counts.

Tags: Break, Records, Somebody

There are two things panic patients hate to do. They hate to take medication - and they hate to go to doctors. They hate to come to grips.

Tags: Doctors, Hate, Panic

When I was a kid and got in trouble, I'd always say, Mom, I'm in trouble. Well, Mom, I'm in trouble.

Tags: Kid, Mom, Trouble

Emmitt Smith is a great running back. One of the things I like about him along with Edgerrin James is that neither one of them 'show out' when they run a touchdown.

Tags: Great, Him, Show

First of all, I'm so glad that the city of Houston has a football team again. They have such great fans. I'm really happy for the people of Houston because they deserve a football team.

Tags: Football, Great, Happy

I have a wife and two boys. One is 18 and the other is 14. The 18-year old is getting ready for college next year and he made a decision to run track. He runs a lot like Michael Johnson.

Tags: Decision, Old, Wife

I learned from different guys I played with, too. The key was probably three people: The good Lord, the offensive linemen I played with and great fullbacks that could block very well.

Tags: Good, Great, Learned

I talk to student-athletes. I try to get them to remember that they're not just athletes, but student-athletes. You need to get an education, keep your hands clean and try to represent the university.

Tags: Education, Remember, Try

I think one game we played the Oakland Raiders and Jack Tatum and I had an accident on the one-yard line. The only thing that Jack Tatum didn't do was wrap me up so I backed into the endzone backwards.

Tags: Accident, Game, Line

Pittsburgh was a great team. Coach Noll, Joe Greene, Jack Lambert, L.C. Greenwood and all those guys did a great job. That's the team that kept us from winning two Super Bowls. It was a great rivalry.

Tags: Great, Job, Winning

Sometimes I pay for it, With the way I walk now, the things I did to my body wasn't supposed to be done. At 48 years old, it is saying, 'Hey, Earl, remember what you did to me?'.

Tags: Done, Remember, Saying
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There had been talk about me getting involved with the new team in Houston. I don't know if it's something that will become a realization, but it would be something that I would love to do.

Tags: Become, Love, Team
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