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Electrical Quotes

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Many injuries and deaths can be prevented through an understanding of the dangers of power lines, electrical appliances, extension cords, and lightning.

Tags: Lightning, Power  ✍ Author: Richard Neal

In 1978, I entered Tohoku University, into the Department of Electrical Engineering, Faculty of Technology.

Tags: Technology, University  ✍ Author: Koichi Tanaka

Byrne's Law: In any electrical circuit, appliances and wiring will burn out to protect fuses.

Tags: Law, Protect  ✍ Author: Rhonda Byrne

Iron which is brought near a spiral of copper wire, traversed by an electrical current, becomes magnetic, and then attracts other pieces of iron, or a suitably placed steel magnet.

Tags: Current, Pieces  ✍ Author: Hermann von Helmholtz

When reason and unreason come into contact, an electrical shock occurs. This is called polemics.

Tags: Reason, Shock  ✍ Author: Karl Wilhelm Friedrich Schlegel

There's an electrical thing about movies.

Tags: Movies  ✍ Author: Oliver Stone

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