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Engineers Quotes

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You never see girls running after engineers.

Tags: After, Running  ✍ Author: Anthony Mackie

Painters were also attorneys, happy storytellers of anecdote, psychologists, botanists, zoologists, archaeologists, engineers, but there were no creative painters.

Tags: Creative, Happy  ✍ Author: Kazimir Malevich

One has to look out for engineers - they begin with sewing machines and end up with the atomic bomb.

Tags: Begin, End  ✍ Author: Marcel Pagnol

I don't think that they have many of the scientists who were involved in the weapons program to talk to at this time, and there were thousands of people, engineers and scientists, they know where the weapons are.

Tags: Talk, Time  ✍ Author: Ahmed Chalabi

I want entrepreneurs to be engineers and scientists and designers; they don't necessarily have to be Internet entrepreneurs or retail entrepreneurs.

Tags: Internet, Scientists  ✍ Author: James Dyson

Engineers are behind the cars we drive, the pills we pop and the way we power our homes.

Tags: Behind, Power  ✍ Author: James Dyson

I had a lot of trouble with engineers, because their whole background is learning from a functional point of view, and then learning how to perform that function.

Tags: Learning, Whole  ✍ Author: Brian Eno

Color is a very critical thing. I've found that architects don't like colors. Engineers too. And so somebody has to stand in. Because this is the finish of it. It is the emotional part of a structure.

Tags: Emotional, Stand  ✍ Author: John Hench

Scientists dream about doing great things. Engineers do them.

Tags: Dream, Great  ✍ Author: James A. Michener

The south produced statesmen and soldiers, planters and doctors and lawyers and poets, but certainly no engineers and mechanics. Let Yankees adopt such low callings.

Tags: Lawyers, Soldiers  ✍ Author: Margaret Mitchell

I can go into LinkedIn and search for network engineers and come up with a list of great spear-phishing targets because they usually have administrator rights over the network. Then I go onto Twitter or Facebook and trick them into doing something, and I have privileged access.

Tags: Great, Rights  ✍ Author: Kevin Mitnick

Silicon Valley has some of the smartest engineers and technology business people in the world.

Tags: Business, Technology  ✍ Author: Elon Musk

Of course, I have given my engineers some headaches over the years, but they go with me. I have always wanted my buildings to be as light as possible, to touch the ground gently, to swoop and soar, and to surprise.

Tags: Light, Wanted  ✍ Author: Oscar Niemeyer

Our fish, our recreation, our irrigation and all our uses of the Missouri River are threatened if the drought continues and the Corps of Engineers decisions aren't changed.

Tags: Decisions, Fish  ✍ Author: Mike Rounds

One out of every eight Pennsylvanians and one in every 720 people in the United States, as well as one out of every 50 engineers and one out of every four meteorologists has a Penn State degree.

Tags: State, United  ✍ Author: Don Sherwood

Beaver do better work than the Corps of Engineers.

Tags: Beaver, Work  ✍ Author: Mike Todd

For decades engineers have stood accused that their buildings do not have any cultural value. We have attempted to liberate engineering of this accusation.

Tags: Accusation, Value  ✍ Author: Fritz Todt

People say I play real loud. I don't, actually. I'm recorded loud and a lot of that is because we have good engineers. Mick knows what a good drum sound is as well, so that's part of the illusion really. I can't play loud.

Tags: Good, Real  ✍ Author: Charlie Watts
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