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Ernie Hudson's Quotes

Ernie Hudson profile photo

Born: 1945-12-17
Profession: Actor
Nation: American
Biography of Ernie Hudson

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The truths that are found in the Bible are universal truths. And it shapes who you are and guides you throughout your life.

Tags: Bible, Found, Life

After all these years, almost 30 years later, whenever I'm on the street, someone will call out, 'Who you gonna call?'

Tags: After, Almost, Someone

Every once in a while as an actor, you do something that the kids really like.

Tags: Kids, Once, While

I find that the more I begin to look around, I see so much good that people do that goes unnoticed. So many wonderful things.

Tags: Goes, Good, Wonderful

I think it's important to find the joy in your work and the things that sort of renew that.

Tags: Joy, Renew, Work

Once I committed to acting, this has been it.

Tags: Acting, Committed, Once

What I get from my study of the Bible is that we're all in Christ, that we're all the same in God's eyes.

Tags: Eyes, God, Study

When I finally decided that my only hope was to go to college, I took an acting class, and once I walked onstage, I just knew I was home.

Tags: Acting, Home, Hope

But when we have families, when we have children, this gives us a purpose for being, to protect our children, to avoid going to jail because if I'm in jail, who looks after my children, who's there for my wife?

Tags: After, Children, Wife

It's a hard call, but I've no desire to live my children's lives. I think my job as a father is to protect them, to allow them a safe place to grow up and to teach them what I've learned.

Tags: Children, Father, Job

What celebrities hope is that people identify not so much that they're particularly special or different, but they identify with them. We represent life in general, the guy who does whatever.

Tags: Hope, Life, Special

You go down to Skid Row and you see literally hundreds of people and not just men, but women and children as well. It's really a tragedy that our society has come to that.

Tags: Men, Society, Women
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