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We used to talk about wanting to get some money, but that's when hip-hop was based on your dreams and your fantasy. The whole thing now is the dreams and fantasies were achieved, and you don't want to make it the focal point. You can't keep beating that dead horse.

Tags: Dreams, Keep, Money  ✍ Author: Puff Daddy

Instead of isolating our school and our many subjects from the every day world, we intend to plant it not merely in the French capital, but in what for next summer at least will be the focal point, the capital of the entire civilized world.

Tags: Next, Point, School  ✍ Author: John White Geary

Mankind is not a circle with a single center but an ellipse with two focal points of which facts are one and ideas the other.

Tags: Facts, Ideas, Single  ✍ Author: Victor Hugo

As a lifestyle you always being the focal point is innately unhealthy.

Tags: Lifestyle, Point, Unhealthy  ✍ Author: Frank Ocean

Yom HaShoah is a vital day in the Jewish calendar, providing us with a focal point for our remembrance. We cannot bring the dead back to life, but we can bring their memory back to life and ensure they are not forgotten. We can undertake in our lives to do what they were so cruelly prevented from doing in theirs.

Tags: Cannot, Dead, Life  ✍ Author: Jonathan Sacks

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