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Foreseen Quotes

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A Truth is the subjective development of that which is at once both new and universal. New: that which is unforeseen by the order of creation. Universal: that which can interest, rightly, every human individual, according to his pure humanity.

Tags: Human, Humanity, Truth  ✍ Author: Alain Badiou

One of the key issues will be personal honour vs. the good of the many, and unforeseen consequences.

Tags: Good, Key, Personal  ✍ Author: Feist

Naturally enough, I couldn't have foreseen the vast sea change which has come upon that scene as a result of German reunification and associated events.

Tags: Change, Enough, Sea  ✍ Author: Brian Ferneyhough

War involves in its progress such a train of unforeseen circumstances that no human wisdom can calculate the end; it has but one thing certain, and that is to increase taxes.

Tags: End, War, Wisdom  ✍ Author: Thomas Paine

We are ready for any unforeseen event that may or may not occur.

Tags: Event, May, Ready  ✍ Author: Dan Quayle

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