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Franco Nero's Quotes

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Born: 1941-11-23
Profession: Actor
Nation: Italian
Biography of Franco Nero

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Every western I did and will do; I will do it for the never ending young kid inside of me.

Tags: Inside, Kid, Young

Everyone has a first love, and mine was the western. When I was a child and dreamed of the movies, it was always as a cowboy on a white horse.

Tags: Everyone, Love, Movies

I could be a star and maybe make lots of money, or I could change roles all the time and have a more interesting - and longer - career.

Tags: Change, Money, Time

I studied at the Piccolo Teatro di Milano; I was a theatre actor.

Tags: Actor, Studied, Theatre

If you're a big Hollywood star, you make one movie a year at the most. I can make five in Europe.

Tags: Big, Star, Year

It doesn't matter. What matters is that you're about to die.

Tags: Die, Matter, Matters

Left love behind many years ago. Now it rests under a cross in the cemetery in Tombstone.

Tags: Behind, Left, Love

Someone who was a part of my life. Probably the only one that really mattered.

Tags: Life, Mattered, Someone

There were many, many other 'Django' films following mine, with other actors and directors, but there is only one 'Django.'

Tags: Films, Following, Mine

You're the one who likes cigars right? Try smoking this.

Tags: Likes, Smoking, Try

I'm crazy about westerns. I need to do a western once in a while. It's like you know, eating bread, eating pasta, drinking wine. It's in my blood. I need it.

Tags: Crazy, Once, Wine
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Franco Nero's quote #5
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